New Project in the Works: Undatement Line

We’re very excited to announce that we are in pre-production for a wonderful short comedy called “Undatement Line,” written and directed by Chris Esper. “Undatement Line” deals with the whoas of dating in the online age. We’ve had the pleasure of showing some of Esper’s previous short films at thefjStories by the River Film Festival and we appreciate his focus on story and exploring meaningful topics from fresh angles. In fact, we’ve shown an Esper film at every single one of our festivals thus far and his short film, “Always a Reason,” took home the SbtR Award for Excellence in Storytelling at our 2015 festival. So we are very much looking forward to working with him on this new film project. The casting process for “Undatement Life” is underway with production scheduled for this fall.

Esper has also authored a very engaging book, The Filmmaker’s Journey,¬†detailing his journey so far as a filmmaker where he shares many great insights into the growth process every filmmaker has to undergo as they set out to develop their visual storytelling and writing skills. The book is available in trade paperback and on Kindle through Amazon. You can check it out here:¬†

Recently, Esper’s book was reviewed by Mike Knox-Smith. You can read that review here. I’ve read the book and highly recommend it!


Mikel J. Wisler

About Mikel J. Wisler

Mikel J. Wisler is an award-winning filmmaker who has written, produced, and directed several short films that have played at festivals, gaining both nominations and awards, as well as international distribution since 2005. In 2012, Wisler teamed up with Kristina and Dominic Stone Kaiser to create Stories by the River.

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